62 Altrincham Road SK9 5NG

About Us

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I’m Katie Louise, founder and the face of Heaven Sent Clinics. I was lucky to find my passion at an early age having worked in

the industry since the age of 17, gaining valuable experience along the way. I quickly fell in love the art of making people feel

good! The dedication I have to my craft has propelled me to being one of the best in the game. Solidified by my multiple awards

including ‘Microblading artist of the year’ and ‘skin specialist of the year’. My unique methodology has certainly caused a stir

in the industry, one that I’m proud of! No more masking of issues, no temporary fixes or fads. I help clients achieve long term

transformations by tackling the root cause of their problem. I can’t wait for you to experience the magic that is Heaven Sent.

Address: 62 Altrincham Road Wilmslow SK9 5NG

Email: hello@heavensentclinics.com